Saturday: Dogs and Weiners

(Koko) Waking up in the morning is always an adventure for Tomis. He always begs for an extra five minutes… makes me think 5 minutes is his duration for all activities 😉 (He’s going to kill me)

(Tomis) All what i am saying it is hard to perform when you are half asleep, but no mercy coming in the morning from my wife….if anyone can hear me …HELP

(Koko) No pinch-hitting, honey. You and me, and you and me only.

(Tomis) sometimes you just need to agree anything else is starting a new discussion which i am going to lose anyway…..and my better half knows 5 minutes is just warm up time….-)

(Koko) I love you honey. ANYWAY… we woke up at 1:30 in the afternoon. Tomis decided to attack me pretending to be a chipmunk. A half-hour war broke out that I am sure the neighbors heard.

(Tomis) Anyway today was all about DOGS AND WEINERS which Ko and myself talentedly cooked and served them with french-fries and buns i guess

(Koko) A bit before we made dinner we went and got our usual morning coffee. I heard great things about Tomis’ family, and more and more I want to meet them. After that nothing too exciting happened. We made a yummy dinner, had a beer, and in a few minutes I’m sure we’ll grab a slice of chocolate cake.

(Tomis) …is watcing movie

(Koko) … is plotting his demise.


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