Sunday: Punishing Pookie

Our days are fairly standard, but with spontaneity within the routine. The framework of our weekdays is usually wake-up, check my brother’s schedule so we know where we need to be, grab some coffee, run any errands that need running, and then start figuring in what ways we can either take care of or help with dinner. The weekends we try to do anything to help Lucille and David relax. They have busy weeks, and deserve some down time.

Today started with Tomis playing golf with his father-in-law, David, and his friend Phillip. (Tomis) We had a great and relaxing morning in a very de-stressful and pleasurable round of golf, for a change (I’m useed to arrogant bastards). David and Phillip were a lot of fun to be around while exercising and relaxing. Today I was pleasantly surprised when my honey drove fifteen minutes out of the way to get the family coffee. Wow. First time that someone went out of their way to get me a coffee. Thanks baby. (Koko) 🙂

After the 9 holes of golf, Tomis and I went out for our alone time. We grabbed our usual coffee from the local stand run by teenagers; Tomis has his double latte with regular milk and I order what ever sounds good at the moment. We sat in the breezy weather and enjoyed the cool air, and chatted for an hour or so.

For dinner my mom (Lucille) prepared steak and crab legs. Happy Anniversay to them by the way– 26 years of a strong and happy marriage! My brother (we call him Pookie) typically leaves the table about 20 minutes before everyone else and leaves a little mess behind him. Today, he left a little train of coke cans scattered about. Tomis and I (both evil-minded) decided to teach the child a lesson. Tomis had the genius idea of putting the coke cans in front of Pookie’s bedroom door. But anyone who knows us knows that wouldn’t be enough. We ended up taking every coke can in the house (about 40 cans) and stacked them in his bathroom– in every inconvenient spot imagineable. On the toilet top.. in the sink.. on top or his towels… in the shower.. needless to say, the kid pissed his pants when he couldn’t get through the cans right way. Bet he learned his lesson 😉

We hope everyone’s day was as fun as ours!! Have a great tomorrow!

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