Thursday: Don’t sit in chairs from Target

Today was pretty standard until about 4:30pm when we met my parents for happy hour at a Mexican chain restaurant called Chevys. Lucille is leaving for India tomorrow, so it was a nice drunken farewell to her as we will not see her for a week. We don’t have to describe the conversation we had… I’m sure it was pretty similar to any conversation that occurs when a few rounds of margaritas have been had 🙂 Lucille and David are fun 🙂

After happy hour Tomis and I headed out to Target to get a few bags of chocolate for my mom. Apparently they don’t have Hersheys brand in India. Anyway, Tomis and I decided to take our time at Target and see what items we could use once we get our own place. It was a lot of fun, until I decided to try one of Target’s chairs. Let’s just say I sat in the bloody thing and it flipped me over backwards onto the floor… feet up in the air. Tomis was laughing so hard he had tears running down his face (what an ass). haha, I can’t get mad, I was laughing as well; so hard in fact that I couldn’t even get off the floor. I laid there like a dead rat until I could breath enough to stand. So word of advice to all those that we love… don’t sit in Target chairs. They are mean… mean… MEAN chairs.

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