Friday: garlic bread catalyst

Lucille is probably still en route to India. With my mom gone, that means I have full control of the kitchen 🙂 I woke up with a menu in my head, and a grocery list ready to go. There is an absolutley absurd amount of random food in the house at the moment that can easily go to waste, so Tomis and I put our heads together to find creative ways to put them to use. There have been hot dog buns sitting around for about a week now… they were screaming for a fate greater than being just another weiner stuffed bun 😉 I figured they would make spectacular garlic bread, so I reached into my creative arsenal of college cooking tricks, covered them in butter, garlic salt, and mexican cheese… popped them in the oven and VIOLA!! Sheer yumminess. Tomis put on his chef’s hat and made rotini with a spicy red sauce. The man outdid himself… it was quite yummy.

It will probably be an early night. Tomis and I are taking my brother to his swim practice at 6:30am, which means we have to wake up at 5:45am. Our day tomorrow is pretty mapped out, but it is all stuff to look forward to. Unlike other teenagers, my brother really isn’t hard to wake up in the morning. I feel bad for the kid waking up so early, but it is good to see him involved in something he can really do well in. Once we drop him off, Tomis and I will head out for our coffee, then play a few games of tennis, make bisquits and gravy with sausage, maybe catch a movie, and then make dinner. Sounds like we are in a training program for parents 😉 haha, we enjoy every minute of it. I have big plans to get Tomis liquored up in the evening, but he doesn’t know that yet 🙂

Have a great night!

p.s. I am making Tomis write the next blog on his own >:-) Be prepared…

Tomis: Hmm there is lots of things i just found out, like my wife will liquor me up…looking forward to that and pasta was just ok think Ko is being generous, as for me writing blog hahaha belive me could be end of the world and my blog will still be very very SHORT…..
Koko: Of course it would be short if it were the end of the world, dear, you couldn’t type a whole lot with two fingers under a time constraint 😉
Tomis: My two fingers are quite…hmmm ok and you know it, think if i could type with at least 4 pretty sure could type faster then you honey.
Koko: Well sweetiepoo, if two extra fingers would double the speed you type, it would still have taken you ten minutes to type that last sentence 🙂 Maybe if you enlist your toes you could catch up to me.
Tomis: Toes..hmmm will think about it maybe i catch up maybe i wont but you still think i am perfect.
Koko: Even though your typing sounds like a single chicken picking up grain, I will never deny that you are the most adorable and perfect man who ever lived 🙂
Tomis: 🙂 think my better half wants something otherwise she would not brag that much about me i guess i am going to find out what she needs.
Koko: If bragging means telling the truth then I am guilty as charged. But you can get me ice cream if you want 🙂
Tomis:Ok, sounds good to me, strolling down the street for ice cream guess few extra pounds wont make me overweight (Koko is doing great she put on me 9 pounds already) 🙂
Koko: At least your weight is evenly distributed and you look yummier with every cheeseburger. In a few weeks the weight on my ass will tilt me backwards… I’ll have to wear a warning sign in case children or small dogs walk behind me…
Tomis: Exactly the way i like it honey.
Koko: Your wish is my command… let’s go get ice cream.

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