Saturday: Words from Tomis

Ok i guess it is my turn to write tonight. Well for a change we woke up very early today as Pookie had an early swimming practice to be exact 5:45. Wow it took Koko a several attempts and lots of effort to wake us both up ( that was freaken funny). After we dropped off Pookie we had a pretty short tennis match at around 6:30 all the way till 7:15 hahaha lots of exercise for one morning ( think Koko pulled her butt muscle ) out of shape a bit including me. Anyway after few strokes we decide that coffee is better option to start a day so we had one and headed home for very well deserved break :-). Today was a pretty warm day here maybe around 91 degrees so it was smart to stay in aircon place with minimum movement. Well let me tell you Koko has been pampering us with all sorts of nice food ( healthy too ). We start with very rich breakfast ( sausages, gravy NOT SO HEALTHY ) followed by fruit salad ( HEALTHY ) and some chocolate shakes pretty solid i put 10 pounds by now, damn think i figure out what is my woman doing ( for starters i am older one and i hear about that every day belive me, my hair is not anymore where it should be and NOW i am getting instead six pack- Keg hmmm she said i will be her sexy art work I think i have expiration date stamped somewhere on my ass ( she better not leave me- Ko makes great burger too…). Anyway rest of day or night i did’t get myself in any trouble which is good as Koko was looking for a jobs in Seattle for several hours. Well i dont know what to tell or write you people anymore i think Koko will do spell check on me grrrrr perhaps feed me later on after a short walk on nice warmish Oregon night. Or we just skip walk and roll over and I gain pound or so, but i will need to tell you that on another ocassion.

Laku Noc ( Good Night on Croatian )

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