Tuesday: rotting rodent and dead fish…

(Koko) After waking up at 5:40am to wake up the teenage zombie for his swim practice, I crawled back in bed to torture my husband before he went to pick-up Pookie. Once they got back, neither Tomis nor I left bed until about 1:15. (Tomis: I wanted some action but it was too hot) (koko: Even if it wasn’t hot, the little terrorist cat named TURD is like mom’s little virginity gaurd.. sleeping right inbetween us like a hot dog in a bun).

“mom’s little terrorist”

ANYWAY… once we got out of bed (no nookie) I set up my desk top computer so we could scan Tomis’ birth certificate, and then while Tomis sent that off to New York for translation I attacked my parents food pantry. My mom is a busy lady and they just moved to a beautiful new house… so totally not her fault… but HOLY SHIT was there a lot of expired food in there. It took the two of us three hours to open cans with expiration dates from the year 2001. The highlight of the whole experience was when Tomis was emptying a can of sauerkraut (dated 2004) into the sink at the same time I decided to throw a can of some sort of stinky liquid black stuff (dated same year). The combination made Tomis tie a towel around his face… I laughed so hard I almost threw up from inhaling all the extra smell. Lesson of the day… sauerkraut + stinky black stuff + steaming hot water = rotting rodent and dead fish making sweaty nookie in a pool of poop.

Rest of the day after that… we ate. Ohhhhhhh did we eat. (Tomis) I had three metric tons of cow. Ice cream brownie sundae. Popcorn. 4 sandwiches. The total of my weight, living in harmony with my woman, has contributed 14.1 pounds of solid “muscle”… I wish. (Koko: He just looks better and better).

We forgot to mention what we did to my poor brother yesterday πŸ™‚ When we went to Petco to grab special cat food for one of the cats with poopy problems, we saw some dog bisquits that look EXACTLY like real cookies. Soooooo, Pookie’s evil sister bought them, and put them on a plate next to his dinner when he got home from practice πŸ™‚ Yes, he did eat them. (Koko: But I felt so bad I ate one too. Believe it or not, they tasted good. Like real cookies).

Special note to all the attractive, single, over 50 (or rather, 35) gentlemen in Tomis’ family (or friends… hell, countrymen)… check out the pictures in “Koko’s Family”… there is a Filipino treat there for you πŸ™‚ Yes, we export πŸ˜‰ TAX FREE!! 100% guarantee… life-time warantee. If damaged, please contact the nearest eye doctor. Seriously though, very pretty… very intelligent… single… and CERTAIN to kill me once she reads this.

For koko’s Family:
Word of the Day:
Aunt: Teta (tet ah)
Phrase of the day:
Please do not kill me: molim (mole ehm) te (teh) nemoj (nem moy) me (meh) ubiti (oob eh tee)

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