Monday: Mother-in-laws are calorie-free

By no stretch of the imagination is my honey-bunny even remotely overweight, but leave it to a mother-in-law to make a chubby comment… 🙂

Today David came home around 5pm, and had a 7pm meeting with China. Lucille came home around 7:30pm after tennis. That meant that dinner was in the making at 6:45. Koko had fed Tomis less than usual today with just one sandwich and a few small pieces of chocolate, and because there wasn’t as much chicken as Koko thought for the Chicken Parmigiana, Koko and Tomis shared a plate for dinner (Koko: I promised Tomis cheeseburgers later in the evening if we shared a plate of chicken and pasta). The meal was yummy… very little effort in dish-washing since the plates were licked clean. However, in the post-dinner silliness that always occurs in the Held household, mom decided to go flipping through our blog. Knowing that we had plans to get cheeseburgers, she opened up the pictures from “Indian Bazaar,” then chuckled as she told Tomis, “maybe you should start eating less…”

Well, mom, this is for you….

“I believe the Chubby men hang out over there..”

(and then as Koko went to put together the nightly blog but 5 minutes after that last picture was taken… she looked to her hubby and this is what she saw…)

(Tomis enjoying a piece of a 3 pound bar of chocolate)

(Tomis) 185 pounds… I still have room for 5 more pounds. Thank you very much.

p.s. We didn’t get cheeseburgers 😉

(Tomis) But some kind of low-calorie sandwich will be in the making before sleeping…healthy.
(Koko) Yea… I’ll make you your favorite “low-calorie” bacon, ham, turkey, cheese, avocado, and mayo sandwich with a side of “calorie-free” ice cream sundae. haha, Jenny Craig is not for this man.
(Tomis) Honey knows I cant fall asleep hungry.

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