Wednesday: Boring, but read because you love us :-)

Another early morning for Pookie, Tomis, and Koko. Today can pretty much be summed up in bullet points.

1. We started by heading out to the DMV, only to return with way too much knowledge about the confusing way state laws weave into federal laws. Crossing a border in the US means that Koko has to take an exam on Oregon laws to get her license to drive, only to do it AGAIN when we move to Washington πŸ™‚ (Koko: good thing I don’t have a job yet)

2. After the DMV, we headed to Verizon to sort out why Koko’s phone does not send or receive overseas text messages. We have no idea if it works yet… but if it doesn’t we will head out to a different store tomorrow to get it fixed for sure.

3. After that we headed to Koko’s gym to cancel her membership. It is kind of silly to spend $34.99/month NOT exercising, haha.
Koko: If sleeping burned as many calories as running, Tomis and I would be non-existant.
Tomis:I think we burned lots of calories today honey, we slept till 2pm and in my dreams we were playing tennis, I am pretty sure that this kind of dream burns calories otherwise why are my arms sore… πŸ™‚
Koko: Well, when I woke up my butt was sore, and I didn’t dream about tennis. I don’t even want to know how you will explain that one…
Tomis: Oh, now I know why are my arms sore then guess we will need to put handcuffs on them tonight…enough said ( hehehe )
Koko: haha… you are sick. Forget the handcuffs, I am putting little bells all over you so I always know where you are and what you are doing.

Anyway, once we were done running errands (that didn’t really accomplish much) we came home and ate Quiznos sandwiches with the family. (Koko: Quiznos makes me miss my brother… he is on a swimming trip with his team until Sunday. Today was the last day this week we had to drop him off.)While everyone ate sandwiches, Koko brushed up her Powerpoint skills with a little project, and then we ended the day with late-night ice cream (what better way).

So that was today… not much to report, but that just means we need to make tomorrow more interesting πŸ˜‰

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One Response to Wednesday: Boring, but read because you love us :-)

  1. tomisko says:

    hey sis
    ni ovdje nije bas toplo danas, nadam se da nebu kise, daj ici blog adresu ili mi daj posalji njegov e mail tak da i njega gnjavim
    idem spat a prije toga jest ( 1.30 ujutro mi gladni )

    Stric D poslal sam ti e-mail adresu za slike, thanks

    cujemo se

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