Sunday: Double Chocolate Pancake Towers

The breakfast was a major success. Pookie who eats like a bird ate half of this monster…
(5 out of 5 Stars on Hubby Scale)

Be cautious if you prepare this breakfast… it is in no way a power meal. It is meant for a long and meandering afternoon.

Double Chocolate Pancake Towers:
Standard Pancake Mix
Hersheys Chocolate Baking Powder
Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
Vanilla Pudding
Fresh Cut Strawberries (or bananas)
Dark Chocolate Sauce
whipped cream

It is as simple as adding a few spoonfuls of the Hersheys powder into the pancake batter, and then folding in chocolate chips. Once the pancakes are done, put vanilla pudding between two pancakes, and then on top of the second. Place the fresh strawberries on top, surround with whipped creaam, and then drizzle chocolate over whole thing.
(… more later)

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