Wednesday: Koko the Torpedo

I think it has become obvious that I LOVE feeding my hubby. It isn’t until recently that I picked up my Mom’s flare for cooking. She always seemed to know the best way to tweak a recipe… and now, so do I. Maybe it is something that comes with marriage, you know, like balding and cellulite πŸ˜‰

So the post below shows what I am doing with our time in Limbo. I love it πŸ™‚ Tomis’ pants however, do not. It is a nice little routine we have going though… I get whatever there is in the fridge and get creative, make a huge mess doing so (although I am getting better at getting things clean as I go) and then Tomis picks up after me once he has enjoyed whatever comes out of the oven or from the skillet. It makes a fair amount of sense to love cooking so much though… there are very few things as flattering as a face with a smile and a hand on a full belly. Poor Tomis just happens to look so attractive in that position that everytime he goes to the bathroom I go to the kitchen again to refill him πŸ™‚ Soon he will look like a hedgehog, and I will just love him more.

To counter the effect of eating so much rich food, Tomis and I have been making regular attempts at playing tennis. Today the courts were full… so we went walking through the grassy hills around the courts and pet all the dogs that were on their nightly walks. The houses that lined that stretch of hills were adorable. It was impossible not to think thoughts of architecture, interior decorating, barbeques, and of course, family. We can’t wait to have more mouths for me to feed. We are hoping to have me looking like a torpedo within two years or so πŸ™‚

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