Sunday: Is it ever NOT about food???!!!

Like we said in the last post… today started with a MONSTER breakfast. (Koko) I made the cheesey sausage and bacon breakfast skillet from a previous post with banana chocolate chip pancakes. Soooooo yummy. Dad had seconds, and Tomis had thirds. The ultimate compliment comes from Pookie and Mom though. If Pookie eats it, it is a miracle. If Mom says it is good… it is like Christ has risen again. So I have confidence that the breakfast was a huge success.

Inbetween breakfast and dinner, Tomis and David played 9 holes of golf. Pookie pulled his big brown eyes on me last night and asked if we could play tennis today, so as soon as Tomis got back the three of us headed out for a very lazy game of tennis. There was more laughing than tennis, and Pookie only hits the balls that he doesn’t have to run for, but we all had a good time (next time Tomis will pelt the hell out of him with tennis balls though.) By the way, Tomis nailed me in the butt with a tennis ball while I was bending down.

After tennis, I went to cut potatoes for dinner while Tomis played commando on the grill with the steak (he did an excellent job.. yummy). We dined outside in the cool air and emptied a little over two bottles of wine. EVERYONE was seduced by the red liquid yumminess into being amateur comedians… particularly Tomis and I who regaled the table with stories of the terrorist cats that torment us nightly. The steak, crab, and mashed potato feast ended with a chocolate cake (that we took a picture of since we had a special request on the last entry.) I can’t take any credit for the recipe… but I did garnish it 🙂

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