Thursday: fruity kitties…

Today has followed a very similar theme as days before. Koko cooks… Tomis eats. Pookie had a dental cleaning at 9:30 this morning, and Tomis and I had to wake up ealry in case the house cleaner showed up. Nothing too interesting to report… Koko made a special order breakfast for everyone; Dad got a ham egg and cheese breakfast croissant and blueberry pancakes with homemake blueberry sauce, Tomis got a ham sausage egg and cheese breakfast coissant with one blueberry and once chocolate chip pancake, and Pookie got his double chocolate chip pancakes with dark chocolate sauce and whipped cream. However, while Koko was in the kitchen covered head to toe in batter and cooking grease, Tomis caught our two fruity-kitties acting, well… like fruits.

After the overly large breakfast, Koko set to work crafting a recipe for dessert. Deborah, a good friend of the family, would be dropping by and dad wanted to show off his daughter’s newfound culinary talent. I will be kind and spare everyone the recipe for today… but I will say that Tomis gave it 5 stars on the Hubby scale 🙂 Deborah said she liked it, and seeing how that was the whole intention of making the cake to begin with, I was very very happy.
( I couldn’t resist posting the pic though…)

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