Friday: man-date and angry peppers

So the two little lovebirds didn’t spend every waking moment together today. Tomis and David had a man-date, and went to play golf with David’s friend. (Tomis: The best part of golf was seeing a mama deer with her two babies strolling down the fairway. David and Mike were fun to play with, and I think we will play again sometime next week.) Not surprisingly, Koko stayed home and cooked 🙂 (Koko) It is almost too sweet to say, but I missed Tomis for the wopping 5 hours he was gone. I feel for him when we both start working… I am going to absolutely maul him the few hours of quality time I get with him after work on weekdays.

I am trying to stop putting recipes in here so much because I realize it is very exciting to me, and very boring to the rest of the world, haha. BUT, last night I made Arroz con Pollo… con Chorizo 🙂 It was very yummy… 5 out of 5 stars on the hubby scale. I added two angry little habenero chiles that waged war on the tongue, but the battle was worth it. Tomis was sweating from the heat 🙂

As everyone knows, the Olympics started to air as well. The rest of the night was spent with the whole family sitting in front of the television munching on chocolates and watching the amazing show the Chinese put on. It was difficult to avoid political conversation (thereby ruining the moment) but putting all things aside, I was personally impressed by the effort and beauty of the show.

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