Sunday: Pink and Chained

Since Tomis has been off the ship, there have been very few occasions where he and Koko have been apart. I suppose thousands of miles of liquid distance will make you a little needy πŸ˜‰ Usually the longest span of time apart is whatever time it takes to walk into the restroom and come back out again. Now however, Tomis’ delightful company is shared on the golf course with his father-in-law, and Koko with her mom at the mall.

Today that is precisely what happened. Tomis stayed home and bonded with David while watching the Olympics, and Koko went with her mom to run some errands at the mall. It was only about 5 hours where we weren’t around each other, but we missed each other (feel free to gag). We even let our insecurities jokingly show… Tomis, when Koko came home all prettied up from make-up at the mall, and Koko when she smelled perfume and smacked Tomis (playfully of course… he smelled like the car air freshener). There can only be one solution to this… Koko will paint Tomis pink and put a bell on him so she can always find him, and Tomis will chain Koko to the kitchen and monitor all trips to the grocery store with GPS… the Croatian army will be on hand to apprehend any suspicious looking lurkers.

The plan will be effective immediately… Tomis will be cute pink πŸ™‚

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