Friday: Golf Greens and Kitchens

Today was an early one for Tomis. David booked a 7:30 tee-time at a local golf course, so Tomis had the pleasure of waking up at 6am. Had it not been for the 4am bedtime the night before, 6am on a Friday would have been a piece of cake. At the moment, the little sleepy head is lying next to Koko, petting her back, and watching Family Matters with his pretty (but sleepy) blue eyes.

Koko didn’t roll out of bed until about 10 minutes before Tomis and David returned around 11am. The minute she was out of bed, she was in the kitchen making munchies for her hungry husband. Fried Mozzarella balls was the order for the morning.

Pookie left for a week long vacation with a friend tonight, and because the family he is going with is cutting their vacation a day short so Pookie doesn’t miss his Freshman orientation, Koko had a 5pm deadline to make them cookies of appreciation.

Within minutes of the last cookie being placed on a plate to cool, bacon-wrapped and cheese-stuffed jalepenos were on their way in the oven. Tomis and Koko are huge fans of spicy food, so when Tomis said he wanted spicy, silly Koko left all the seeds in the jalepeno. So now Tomis and Koko know their spicy threshold, and will never eat those angry little peppers again.

Koko took a quick shower before getting back in the kitchen to make dinner. Cajun potatos with a sausage stir-fry, and then Bananas Foster with Rum Cake and Dulce de Leche ice cream for dessert. RAVE reviews from all… so now Koko can go to sleep happy 🙂 Tomis on the other hand has already fallen asleep with his hand on Koko’s butt, snoring like a train. Guess there won’t be any sleep for her tonight…

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