Saturday: Happy Hour at Serratos and Terrorist Tomis

(Koko) I am convinced that I have the most amazing husband in the world. He is perfect for me in every way; he finds the same things funny, he likes to play, we both want the same things, we are both ambitious and stubborn… in short, if i had made a man to my specifications, I couldn’t have made someone more perfect for me.

Having said that…

The man terrorizes me in my sleep. Every rose has its thorn, and my husband has a knack for grabbing my face like he is juicing a lemon when he sleeps. HE ALSO has picked up a habit of rolling over me like a bulldozer, and then falling asleep on top off me like he thinks I am the mattress. That is 187 pounds that I am squished under. (Tomis: The 187 pounds that I roll over you is your fault. As for slapping you hmmm sorry for that one.) (Koko: You never slapped me honey, but you did push me off the bed.) (Tomis: Uh sorry for pushing you think I could possible slap you tonight hahaha…) (Koko: You slap me tonight I will chop off your baby-maker…)

ANYWAY… Once all was forgiven in the morning Koko made a yummy breakfast for David and Tomis. The plan later in the day was to go to happy hour in downtown Portland. While we were waiting, we watched a little television and munched on goldfish crackers. Tomis thought he would be funny, and while Koko was reading recipes on-line he slipped a cracker in her shorts. This started a big game of “hide the cracker”… I put little crackers all over Tomis, and he had to eat them without dropping the crackers on the floor or using his hands. It was ridiculously funny 🙂
The cracker was balanced on his nose, and he was catching it in his mouth 🙂
Can you find all the crackers??
I know… yuck. haha 🙂
Tomis made sure I had to catch a cracker in my mouth as well.
Photobucket Photobucket

After showering all the cracker crumbs off of us, Lucille, David, Tomis and I all went for happy-hour at Serratos. OHHHHH did we eat. Lucille discovered that espressos are tiny (she thought she ordered a Starbucks Frap … silly mom), and Koko and Tomis discovered that the pastry chef is a pastry flop. The chocolate cake had the texture of a dry sponge, and didn’t taste too much better. The service was spectacular though.

Now, we are watching the Puppy Olympics on Animal Planet. (koko) This is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen and requires more of my attention… so bon nuit dear friends and family!

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