Being a good wife because you want to

I know it isn’t my duty, or my obligation to make Tomis a big breakfast in the morning. It isn’t the 1920’s where I have to wake up earlier than him and press my hair to look like I never slept, or the 1800’s where I have to feed him so he can go chop wood and hunt for our dinner… but sometimes it is nice to just pamper your husband, and let him know he is loved. That is why I made this while he was sleeping, and served it to him with a side of remote control on Tuesday morning.

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One Response to Being a good wife because you want to

  1. croatia says:

    E moja Koko!

    Moram dati proćitati ovaj tvoj post svim ženama oko sebe, da vide kako Koko nagrađuje svoga dragog, sa finim doručkom, a, izgleda kako si i sama napisala da je zavrijedio, jer ljubi i voli svoju Koko Bravo TOMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!
    izgleda da si zaslužio ovakv doručak. bravo Papecccccccccccccc

    bravo Kokooooooooooo!11111111111111111111

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