Thank God I’m Not a Teenager

Tomis and I went to Pookie’s high school today to pick up his bus schedule.  The school was bigger than both of our high schools combined.  It was impossible not to reminisce over our own high school memories.  For myself though, I am relieved that my years of high school are over.  I may only be 25 years old, but high school is probably the most judgmental and uncomfortable place I can remember being.  I was by no means a pariah, in fact I was reasonably social, but by my memories the parameters in which conforming felt necessary were like a girdle that fit 3 times too small… it took brave souls to dare to be different and face ridicule by their insecure and hormonal peers.  Regardlesss of the fact that in your youth is when your skin is the firmest, your face is the freshest, and your energy is at its highest, I don’t envy any of the 13-15 year olds entering these years of adjustment.  The pressure these kids have to wake up to in the morning has increased so much since I was in high school, and is nothing to envy. 

Well, my brother has his freshman orientation tomorrow.  I reached 11 years back to my own high school experience to think of everything that caused little boys to get picked on.  Clothes jumped out in my mind first… which we already covered with a quick trip to Old Navy.  Next on the list was being the obnoxious know-it-all… he is a smart kid, but he knows better than to be teacher’s pet.  Much after that, I couldn’t think of anything that applied to all boys; I just remember that some poor kids just got targeted whether they called attention to themselves or not.  College was better by immeasurable degrees… every quirk each individual possessed was an attribute that could be exploited in a positive way.  Often times, the more different the people you interacted with, the more engaged you felt with your own development.  Although high school certainly can be an environment for such experiences it just seemed much more common later on in life… when differences are embraced.

Well, good luck Pookie.  You have the support of your smart-mouthed sister and street-smart brother-in-law, so you are already ahead of the game.  Just don’t get your @$$ kicked for turning the heads of girl’s already spoken for… it’s not your fault, blame your good looking genetics 😉

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2 Responses to Thank God I’m Not a Teenager

  1. orella says:

    My dear Koko,you are emazing women,and my brother is really happy men !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We wish only the best for Pookie in high school !!!! Many love from Antonella,Robi and Ornella !!!!

  2. tomisko says:

    That was so sweet to hear that I don’t even know what to say 🙂

    🙂 we send all our love to you as well 🙂

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