Where do they put it all…

People often ask Tomis and I what it is we do that allows us to eat incessantly, yet stay reasonably thin. Ladies and gentleman… the secret is simple. We apply logistics to our weight gain. We simply direct the fat to inconspicuous areas… Bet you can’t guess where 😉

(Koko: it’s like my butt swallowed 10 supermodels)

(By Christmas, he can play Santa Claus 🙂 )

No worries everyone… Tomis is purposely pushing his tummy out as far as he can for the benefit of the blog. As for me though, well, my ass really is that big 😉 Advice for my fellow wives… NEVER turn your back on your husband when he has a camera. There are 5 pictures on our camera zoomed in on my butt. Had I not turned around, I am sure there would have been more.

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One Response to Where do they put it all…

  1. ornella says:

    Da ja jedem kao vi imala bi 100 kila !!!!!!!!!! Iako,ni sada mi nebi skodilo da skinem koju kilicu ! Koko je uspjela rasplakati mamu i tatu sa blogom od tvog rockasa,no to su suze srece….pusa svima !

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