Guests: an excuse to eat

A business associate (and friend) of dad’s came over for dinner tonight. As always, my adoring daddy said great things about my cooking, so I prepared the night’s meal. I couldn’t tell you if the food was tasty or not since we all threw back a few drinks before we actually ate anything. I dodged a few bullets in the meal preparation though… I altered my recipe, and something about the additions I made to the food made the chicken cook a bit slower. I almost served half-raw chicken cordon bleu, haha. My dad’s friend could have gone back to Israel with stories of his nutty friend’s daughter, and the strange cuisine American families enjoy. Luckily, Tomis and I caught the mistake early and popped the chicken back in the oven before it hit the plates.
Chicken Cordon Bleu with Spicy Potatoes and White Wine Sauce

Other than great company for dinner, all is well and good with us. Although, Tomis and I have both picked up a bit of Pookie’s cold, so every once in awhile we get a fit of sniffles. I have been cramming us both full of this vitamin drink that is supposed to aid your immune system. It tastes awful… but since all we have is sniffles, it must be doing its job. The nights are quite a bit cooler now as well, so it is likely that the open windows aren’t helping us (but we love the fresh air, and I doubt they will get closed). Oh well, that is what marriage is for… if you have 190 pounds worth of husband to keep you warm, it is your right to have the window open.

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