Wet Dog

There are very few things stinkier than a wet dog… wet dog falls just shy of the, “things that flies crawl on” category. At the moment, Tomis and I are sitting in a room that is approximately 20×20 feet, and smells entirely of three-day-old-wet-towel. Thanks, Guinness. I think I have found the reason our great creator made dogs so handsome and friendly; to counter the assault on our noses. Anyway, twice today I have taken a towel to Guinness after his walk in the rain, and twice I have rubbed him down with a dryer cloth (I read somewhere that helps with the smell..)

Other than that, Tomis is torturing me with a horrible vampire movie. Every time I look up from the computer I see teeth and blood. Maybe I will take Guinness into the next room and read a book, haha.

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