Tomis gets out-witted

When we found Guinness, we quickly learned what an apt and well-mannered dog had graced our lives. What we are starting to learn now is that he may be smarter than us.

I made a tiny bed fit for a king that sits right next to our bed. All I have to do is reach down, and I can give Guinness a good solid belly scratching. That would all be fine and dandy if Guinness didn’t think that he had the same rank as Tomis in the sleeping hierarchy. Everynight, I brush my teeth, put Guinness in his bed, and then curl up and wait for Tomis to get out of the bathroom. Meanwhile, Guinness creeps around the perimeter of the bed and jumps into Tomis’ spot before I even have a chance to tell him no. He curls up so sweetly, that all I can do is laugh until I see Tomis’ face when he walks out of the restroom to see his throne usurped by a 45 pound dog. It takes Tomis at least four times to get the dog off the bed, but both of us can’t stop laughing. Doubt Guinness is taking us very seriously; he is surely getting the best of Tomis 🙂

In the meantime, here is our latest puppy picture. Our big baby thinks he is small enough to fit in my lap. Everytime he does this both my feet go numb…

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