Guinness stole my hot dog

For lunch today Tomis and I tried to clear some hot dogs out of the fridge before the hot dog buns went bad. We have very different theories on what makes for good hot dog condiments. I am an all-American girl, and I go with ketchup, relish, and mustard; Tomis abhors ketchup, and will add mayonaise to his hot dog (mayo on a hot dog makes me gag). Anyway, today I added quite a bit of hot sauce to my hot dog just to shake things up. Apparently, little Guinness agreess with my hot dog furnishings because when I left the room for thirty seconds he stole my hot dog off the table. He didn’t leave any evidence that it had even been there… I almost convinced myself I ate it. Although I was a little worried that the hot sauce would make him vomit, it was hard to take the thought seriously when Tomis was laughing so loudly. Lesson learned… Guinness has good taste, but can’t be trusted.

Other than that, the weather today was glorious. It was sunny in the morning, chilly and clear in the afternoon, and by evening there was a light fog sitting over the valley. It did rain for about half an hour in the early afternoon though… ironically, that is when we took Guinness out for a walk. haha, that is just our luck. It was a nice walk though. Any time we would walk under a tree I would shake the leaves and get us even more wet. Tomis did a pretty good job dodging my attempts to soak him, but I got him good a few times (I got myself more though).

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