Special Cookies for Tomis, made with love by Grandma Betty

All the thinking last night about what to make for lunch today resulted in spicy Zuppa Toscana, Crab stuffed mushrooms, and toasted turkey and cheddar sandwiches with guacamole. Strange combinations of things, I know. But I got stuck trying to think of something that wasn’t too heavey, yet still yummy. What I got was a strange blend of food, but it worked out okay. The soup is always a pleaser, and it was a cold day, so at least that made sense; pairing the spicy Italian potatoe and sausage soup with guacamole– that was a bit of a stretch, haha.

Other than that, the whole afternoon was nice. Grandpa Byron is in town from Iowa, so everyone was in good spirits. In over 70 years, Grandpa Byron still hasn’t grown-up from being a little boy, and STILL doesn’t know his own strength. That man is superman strong. When he walked in the door he lifted me two feet in the air and squeezed all the air out of me. God help any gentleman that tries to shake his hand. I don’t know how he survives as a chemist… I just can’t imagine that big bear of a man handling delicate glass viles, haha. Grandma Betty was probably in the best spirits as she is living in Washington while Grandpa ties up loose ends from their move in Iowa. It is sweet to see my grammy cuddle her husband of over 50 years. It is clear that she loves and misses him. Speaking of grandma, she is a devil in the kitchen. Everytime she drops by, you can be sure she will have cookies, cake, bars, or pie. Today, she had special cookies just for Tomis 🙂 She knows that he doesn’t like pumpkin or penutbutter (which are her specialities), so she made him apple cookies 🙂 He ate about eight of them, and I had a good 5. It is always a good and caloric day when grandma and grandpa come for a visit.

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