Extended Family

Photobucket I added this picture to my family’s page. Stephanie is my best friend, and since in my heart she is my sister, on my blog she is my family 🙂 Her son, Riley, is ADORABLE… the product of two very good looking parents.

At the moment I am a little zapped as far as writing goes. Pookie has once again put off his assignments until the last minute, so I have been helping him get a paper done that is due tomorrow. He is a good little writer, and I am proud of him, but he needs a bit of fine-tuning that I don’t think he is getting from the public school system. It is clear to me by reading his work that he could be an excellent writer with some special attention, but with 30-40 people in a classroom, you can’t blame the teachers for not developing every child’s unique talents. I am trying to explain some methods to him as best I can, but I am a piss-poor teacher.

Tomis is a happy man today. Lucille deemed tonight “steak night”, so David and Tomis got a few kilos of meat to munch on. With Tomis on the grill, the steak always comes out nice. I prefer my steak cooked medium, whereas David and Tomis are “rare” boys. Therefore, any piece of my steak that I thought to be a little on the red side, I just tossed on Tomis’ plate. Poor guy probably got more than he wanted. A glass of Rose, followed by a glass of Pinot, sealed the deal as far as full tummies go.

At the moment, Tomis, Guinness, and I are all sprawled out in front of a flat-screen t.v. trying to breath through smokey air. Outside the air is so thick with the smell of burnt wood that inside the house smells a bit like sitting too close to a campfire. We have no idea the source of the smoke. However, aside from being a bit pungent, Oregon’s cool and clean air sets a nice canvas for the smell so it is still enjoyable.

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2 Responses to Extended Family

  1. Kecholand says:


    Rily is a sweet child. as well as your Tomi, ha, ha
    only slightly lower.
    I see that you’re good, as well as a dog, enjoys your house.
    Kiss!kiss Koko, kiss Tomi

  2. Kecholand says:


    how to read my English? ajojjjjjjjj? majko moja mogu si samo misliti kako to zvući!!! Tomi.


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