$9/hour?! With a 4-year degree?!

On the radio yesterday I heard that Oregon’s unemployment rate has increased 6% for the month of September, and is expected to increase even more in October. For people with a recently earned 4-year degree, like myself, who poured money into hopes of greater opportunities, the limited prospects are a mild slap in the face. I am sitting here at my computer in my parent’s home, at 25 years of age, scraping the bottom of the barrel for jobs that will utilize my newly acquired knowledge. So far, the only responses I have had to my inquiries have been from service jobs requiring a GED only, and pay $9-10/hour. My $11,000 student loan is presently collecting interest at Bank of America, and having a dandy laugh at my expense. ha ha, economy, very funny.

There is an upside to all this though. Spoiled brats are rarely ever happy, and learning to live with limited means is a lesson in appreciation of things that really matter… like a husband who buries his nose in your neck at night, a dog that steals your Costco hot dog when you leave the room, and family who allows you to squat in their home when finances aren’t what they should be. I have nothing to complain about, and if my patience wears thin, well, then at least there is something I can work at 🙂

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One Response to $9/hour?! With a 4-year degree?!

  1. john says:

    ya, this country is filled with a bunch of spoiled brats that are always living beyond their means…but you have everything that really matters…but you might be neglecting the FRIENDS part 😉 i think i might be the only american you might here this from, but, “money isnt everything”.

    missing koko,


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