THUD! Hubby go BOOM!

You know you have a good marriage when everyday you laugh until you have tears rolling down your face.  Aside from the laugh lines that are slowly becoming a permanent feature on my face, there is no downside to having a marriage like mine… unless you are the cause of the laughter, as Tomis was tonight… 

So tonight Grandma and Grandpa dropped by for dinner.  I concocted a mis-match of foods, ranging from cornbread, guacamole, enchiladas, red rice, and flourless chocolate cake.  Tomis had a huge sandwich just a few hours before dinner, so he couldn’t get through much of the meal, and shied away from the chocolate cake.  A few minutes ago though, he decided he was up to the chocolate cake challenge, and headed downstairs to satiate his sweet-tooth.  No sooner had he walked out the door carrying a dirty dish than I heard a mighty THUD.  I rushed to the door, I saw the plate sitting on the second step, and Tomis halfway down the stairs rubbing his butt.  He looked like such a mess that I ran to him and hugged him to make sure he was okay.  Even the daog was worried and barked at the door… but the only thing that was bruised on my big baby was his ego (Tomis: My ego is okay honey, it’s my butt that hurts).  Amazingly, no one else heard the commotion.  So Tomis and I sat on the stairs, spitting from laughter, like two naughty kids in the back of a church.  My poor baby…

Seriously though, he hurt his shoulder a bit, so I am going to go give my comedian husband some love.  He is okay, but he is rubbing his shoulder a bit.  Much love to all!  Good night!

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