Our Washing Machine Sounds Like it is Making Sweet Sweet Love

Tomis and I have settled into a nightly routine. After everyone has gone to bed, we go and hang-out in the media room with the dog. There is a big flat-screen television in there with speakers in the ceiling for optimal obesity training. Sunday nights they run back-to-back episodes of our favorite show (House), Tuesdays they play the new episodes, and the rest of the week we take turns playing remote-control commando while switching off using the internet to search for jobs.

Tonight is no different. We are both happy because there is an episode of House on that neither of us have seen. I take that back, there is a difference tonight. The wall to the media room is shared by the laundry room. The washing machine is running at the moment, and is making some suggestive sounds. It is akin to what you would hear when sharing a wall with newly weds at a motel. On the OTHER side of the laundry room is my parent’s room. Let’s just hope they have the sense to attribute the sound to the washing machine, and not to Tomis and I two whole rooms over. Lord knows it would be a credit to Tomis if they thought anything different (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA).

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One Response to Our Washing Machine Sounds Like it is Making Sweet Sweet Love

  1. Kecholand says:

    naughty washing machine!¨!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yes yes yes yes for all the sounds in the room blame the washing machine, yes yes yes.


    e moj Tomi!!!!! na koga si ti takav?

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