Zlatko makes his boy smile

Tomis got the chance to talk to his dad today. I was beside him on my knees grooming the dog, and every time I looked up all I saw was smiles coming from my hubby’s face. There must have been a damn good man on the other end of that phone line to make my husband so happy.

Other than that, our day was simple. I had to get some bills paid and make some phone calls. Verizon (a cell phone company that I usually hold in high regard) just screwed me out of some money. Not really their fault, but still, I could have used the money they pocketed from me. I also paid a few credit card bills… nothing even remotely interesting, but it is what happened today, haha.

At the moment, Tomis and I are sitting in our Tuesday night positions. We are watching a re-run of House before the new episode airs. I can’t tell you how much we like this show. However, I just turned around to look at Tomis and he is completely passed out. He dropped off my brother this morning, and rather than coming back to bed with me when he got home, he went to play Wii. Two hours of video game playing later, and my husband is a proud, “pro Wii tennis player,” AND a, “pro Wii golf player.” I can hear about every other sentence of House through his snores.

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