Swear Jar My Ass

This is a household of very bad-mouthed individuals. We all creatively curse whenever we get the chance, well, assuming there is no one around that will be offended of course. Mom is probably the record holder in terms of how often she says “shit” in a given day.  She does however steer clear of the horribly lude word that rhymes with “Puck“. Anyway, she threatened to start a swear jar where we would all have to deposit a dollar every time we cursed. The universal household response to that was, “F*ck that,” haha. PARTICULARLY because we got a call from the republican party reminding one of their proud members (Lucille) to cast her vote. After 8 years of little Bush, we all gave her quite a bit of shit, and used her political affiliation as grounds for a preemptive strike against the swear jar.

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One Response to Swear Jar My Ass

  1. Kecholand says:


    Ha! I see new! Jou Tube, super, and I for
    a little better my blog!
    I see that Guinness is a good friend. (Cat) Who is the jealous Guinness or cat?

    I pray nicely, and there is no F*ck…………..ha ha.


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