Cold Shot of LOVE

Poor Tomis… he doesn’t get a moment of peace married to me. Today he went to take a hot relaxing shower to ease the chill of Oregon’s below 55 degree weather, and for reasons unknown he decided to lock the bathroom door. He was standing in the shower with his eyes closed, absorbing the relaxation of our vanilla scented soap, when his jerk of a wife decided to pick the lock ūüôā Like a ninja, I silently jiggled the lock open and filled a large cup with COLD water. I stood on top of the toilet, peered over the top of the shower curtain to the upturned head of my dearest husband letting the water run over his face, and I dumped the entire cup on his head. The man screamed like a little girl, haha. This began the start of an epic water war… me armed with a plastic cup, and Tomis filling his mouth with water to spit on me. It is hard to say who the victor ended up being… although I may have had the upper hand in terms of weaponry (ice cold water), I was also wearing a hoodie and sweatpants that soaked with water.¬† Either way, it was¬†ungodly funny.

Other than that, tomorrow I have¬†the first stage of my insurance class to attend.¬† From 8am-5pm I will be sitting in a little classroom trying to absorb all I can about Oregon’s insurance policy¬†and law.¬† Waking up at 6am and staying awake¬†through the class will be quite an accomplishment since¬†I have fully adjusted to waking up at noon these past four months.¬† I think I will be okay.¬† I am excited to get some useful knowledge in my unexercised brain.

I voted today as well!!¬†¬†Four years ago, I registered to vote just because I wanted¬†to see a president other than Bush in office.¬† I drove myself to the local polling station, cast my vote, and felt confident that I had done my part.¬† Well, little Bushy boy found his way back in office, and all I got out of it was jury summons.¬†¬†Today I got to throw my ballot into the mass of ballots, and just hope that I see the outcome¬†turn to my favor this time.¬† It is indeed time for a change…

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