I thought college-style cramming was over and done with

Someday when I have children, and they do something worthy of punishment, I am going to take out my insurance books and make them memorize and recite all the coverage options and exceptions to those options under Home-owners and Dwelling policies. I guarantee you, you will never find children more fearful of punishment.

Granted, these books hold information that I will use for the duration of my career as an insurance agent, but DAMN… it is tedious. All day long I have been reading page after page of, “The insurer agrees to blah blah blah in the case of blah blah blah under these circumstances unless these circumstances contain an element A-Z… unless, of course, accompanied by any form of earth movement.” God bless this profession, because if god doesn’t, I’m sure the devil has a hand in it.

I scheduled one of my exams for this coming Wednesday. Treicia, my soon-to-be coworker/friend, scheduled her appointment for Decemer 1st (was the first available), so I was sure I had time to slowly acquire this knowledge, but for whatever reason an earlier appointment surfaced, so now I am in cram mode. I have to complete my on-line coursework by Monday prior to my exam. I have about 36 quizzes and 8 exams ahead of me. I made a little schedule that I was sure would put me on track, but I am already putting four quizzes I intended to finish tonight towards tomorrows workload.

Back to the books…


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