Today was a day of many emotions.  Mom came back from the Philippines, so everyone was happy to see her.  Dad’s birthday is tomorrow, so there is a celebration of sorts to look forward to.  But, Aunt Marie passed away.  She had terminal cancer, so this day did not come as a surprise.  She lived a good life and was loved by many, so we will remember her for her life, and not her death.  Our sorrow would only sadden her if she could be here with us still.  My biggest prayer tonight will be for my Grandmother, Aunt Marie’s sister.  There is no one that feels death more than the family left behind.  Dad has never seen his mother cry because Grandma Betty believes living shouldn’t be wasted on tears, but I am sure she feels a great deal of pain for the loss of her sister tonight.  I do not envy her as she tries to sleep tonight.  I just pray that she gets rest.  She will have to be strong for her widowed brother-in-law when she flies to Louisiana on Wednesday. 

Well, because my Grandma’s outlook on life inspires me, I will try and end this blog on a happy note. Maybe not happy, but certainly funny.  Our little sunshine of a puppy made me, mom, and Tomis all laugh during dinner when he looked straight into mom’s eyes and let out a gigantic belch.  Our silly dog does that regularly, he is so rude.

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2 Responses to Life

  1. ornella13 says:

    We now,life is sometimes very hard,but that is only life….with happines and sadnest,with smilling and crying….and some day is the and…because of that we must LIVE,smilling and briding with all heart…Aunt Marie find a peace and go with God…many love from us…

  2. Kecholand says:


    Sincere condolences for the loss of Aunt Marie, your family and you ….

    Drago& Slavica and family Papec

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