Fuck This Book

Today is Doodle’s (Dad) 48th birthday! Tomis and I found him an AWESOME book for a present…


The great thing about Doodle is that he is the easiest person to buy presents for. If it is silly, funny, or lude, I guarantee you he is happier than any lottery winner the day they get their first check. It took me quite a few years to figure that out. I started by buying him sentimental or functional presents, but then one day I bought him this toy hamster that sings “Kung Fu Fighting,” and never had I seen him happier opening a gift. Anyway, this book is hilarious. It is a collection of pictures where people have taken stickers that read, “FUCK” and put them on signs to change their meaning. Needless to say, people got creative. These are some examples I pulled off of Google.

Photobucket Photobucket

I highly HIGHLY recommend the purchase of this book. You will laugh so hard you will have a headache. It makes me happy to see adults acting like kids, just in a grown-up way.

SOOOOO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOODLKINS! Glad you liked your present 🙂

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3 Responses to Fuck This Book

  1. Kecholand says:

    happy birthday to your dad!!!!!

    the same day he was born and my DANIELA 26.11

    and this is a sign?!!


  2. ornella13 says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY,MR. DAVID !!!!! And thank you,because you and yours wife except Tomis so kindly and friendly….thanks with all ours hearts…we hope that some day we will meet you and your whole familly…

  3. Kecholand says:

    Tomi & Koko!

    on your photbucket is my Photobucket “welcomekecoland”

    It is not yet complete!


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