I am DONE with my essential testing. There is one more test that I have to complete, but it isn’t as significant to my earning money as these past two were. Now, I am offically licensed to sell insurance in Oregon. I just have to finalize my paperwork with Farmers so I actually have something to sell, and I can start making money! Yey!

Tomis was right there when I got out of my test to give me a hug. I think he was more excited than I was. I was exhausted, but with his help I was really happy too. I think these past few weeks have been as hard on him as they have been on me. Since our schedules are married to our car and Pookie, adding my studying to the mix really dug into the quality time we used to enjoy. Granted, the studying was only as intense as it should have been the 2-3 days prior to the exams, but even the days before I was at least skimming the material.

Anyway, tonight we celebrated at Red Robin with burgers and beer; a well deserved precursor to soon-to-be earned income 🙂 I have to offer this as a warning to anyone who plans on dining there in the near future: the featured burger with the deep-fried jalepenos tastes like a salt lick. I know I won’t order it again.

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2 Responses to It’s OFFICIAL!!

  1. ornella says:

    BRAVO for aunt Koko !!!! Enjoy !!!!!!!

  2. Kecholand says:


    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bravo!


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