Lumberjack Meal for Stallion of a Hubby

haha… Tomis smiled when he read the title (of course). Anyway, parts of Oregon have declared a state of emergency from the snow. This kind of weather is not typical for these parts, and no one is equipped to deal with it. The local Joes sold over $300,000 in car chains in one week. That number was from a few days ago; we had an ice storm last night that I am sure has upped the total significantly. Anyway, this is the back of the house right now..


My dad’s 4-runner couldn’t make it down the hill today. Even with chains there is just too much snow on the roads. Like I said, Oregon isn’t equipped for this weather so the plows that are available are too busy on the main roads to get up to our hilly residential streets. All this means is that Tomis, Dad, and I all put on winter clothes and shoveled 2-3 foot deep snow around the house to make a path for my dad to try and drive out tomorrow. After a few hours of shoveling, we all came in the house wet and cold to have mimosas. I hopped in the kitchen and concocted this for the boys…


Talk about a heavy meal… Tomis had to chase it down with a beer 🙂 Now we are resting our tummies and preparing ourselves for “movie night”. Popcorn, hot chocolate, and some sort of comedy is in our near future. Just hope the power doesn’t go out on us again, as it has done so three times today already.

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One Response to Lumberjack Meal for Stallion of a Hubby

  1. ornella says:

    We want snow,we want snow,we want s,,but…….nista od snijega,no kazu da bi mogao…mi cijelo popodne u kuhinji,sada je ponoc,padam sa nogu,muz u birtiji,no to tako mora biti !!!!!!! Jucer bili u Markusevcu,sutra,na Badnjak necemo stici ali cemo na Bozic i stefanje……vjerujem da cete vi uzivati,jos je i bijeli Bozic vama…eto,do sutra saljemo vam poljupce i ja brzo na spavanje….a muz tko zna…..laku noc !!!!!!!!!

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