Some people have bearskin rugs…

… but we just don’t vacuum for a few days and there is a layer of fur covering the carpet that amounts to about the same thing, haha. Three cats and a dog will do that. The worst part is that it is winter; these furry devils aren’t shedding half as much as they can.

Well, cleaning made for the most exciting part of today. Every once in awhile Tomis will wake up and have this burning desire to scrub something. It is almost always related to the floor. He just can’t stand to see foot prints, fuzzies, or any type of debris on the carpet or hardwood. I am more likely to get OCD over things organizational… like closets or unsymmetrical photos on the wall. So for the time being, our room is fairly organized, and the floor is clean. I wish I had taken a picture of how out of hand it had gotten though. About five and a half feet up the wall was a clump of fur that had gotten stuck. LORD knows how it got there, but it was shameful, haha.

Besides cleaning, tonight I made my famous Tuscan Soup. It would have been perfect if it weren’t for the fact that the last ingredient had curdled slightly. Lordie… The soup was nearing its pinnacle; all I needed to do was add the cream and kale, and then serve up my cold day tonic. Sadly, when I poured the cream into the soup a few chunks fell in as well. When I sniffed the carton it smelled stale… but the sell-by date was only yesterday. Everyone was too hungry to care, and we all ate it anyway. So far we are all alive, so it must not be that bad. However, if the water level of the ocean drops it may be due to constant flushing of the Held family toilets… pray for us, haha.

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