How my husband saved my pants..

Have you ever been really engrossed in a task, and completely lost track of everything else going on around? In college this would happen to me when my days got too packed… it would be 5pm, and I would realize I hadn’t had anything but caffeine all day. Anyway, today my boss called me and asked that I do an insurance quote for someone who walked in the office. I really appreciated him referring them to me, but I may have been just shy of being up to the task, haha. This was my first quote, so I was a little all over the place, and probably took way too much time and precaution running the thing. Anyway, that was my obsession today; getting that quote to work the way it should. Between calling different people for advice and navigating a new website, the quote took the better part of my day… so much so that I completely forgot to go to the bathroom, haha. Of course, when I realized the error of my ways, I was near the point of desperation to correct the mistake. Hand it to Murphy’s Law, just like buttered bread always drops buttered side down, my pants had a knot in the drawstring holding them against my hips the size of a peanut. There was no way out of them… sooooo, I had to run to el hubbo and beg him to help me. After about five minutes of him trying to undo a giant knot while I shook like a leave, the knot released its evil hold on my pants, and I flew to the restroom like there was a gold medal at stake.

Thank you hubbo 🙂 Very talented you are :-p

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