So Tomis got Skyp set up on our lap-top 🙂  He was able to talk to Ornella today, and the sound quality was even better than a cell phone!  We were both thrilled to see it work so well.  Now we are looking at getting it set-up with my mom’s family in the Philippines.

Ornella… we couldn’t tell you were in a night attire.  But just so you know, I was in sweat pants and a hoodie 🙂  Whenever I don’t have to dress up, I look like a bum, haha.

We were also able to see baby Roko from Uncle Kecho’s icon.  ADORABLE.  What a happy looking baby 🙂 

We are glad to see everyone looking so healthy and happy.  Much love from the USA!!

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One Response to SKYP!!

  1. ornella says:

    I am soooooooo happy because of skyp !!!! It is a mirricle for us…you are on the other side of world but you see me,and I hope we will see you…amazing…many love from cold Croatia !!!!!!!!!

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