What should i say

Tomis is the author of tonight’s blog… 🙂  Ok , this morning I didn’t let Koko get out of bed.  I was so comfortable.  Koko hit the snooze button on her cell phone several times. Well for Koko the day started early. It was very busy and it still is (even though we are watching American Idol’s  new season right now.)  She has a very well deserved break now. As for my day, hahaha…well I got up as I do every day. I read a book about cocktails and took Guinness for a walk. Let me tell you, this dog can poop.  Anyway after all that exicting day ended up with everyone came home we shared Quiznoz and bottle of wine and now is chill time…

On the more serious note my Goodmother Bozena is in the hospital recovering from serious surgery…all our thoughts and prayers are with her now. Laku noc, Good night… Tomislav


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One Response to What should i say

  1. ornella says:

    Jako si to lijepo napisao…kada cemo je smjeti vidjeti,prenjeti cemo joj misli i molitve…i te kako ce joj trebati….uzivajte u svakom lijepom danu,pa i onom manje lijepom jer sve je super dok postoji mogucnost da ispravimo ono sto nije bas dobro…voli vas cro femilly !

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