Job Interview #1

I had a job interview today. Out of 50 resumes I have sent out, this is the ONE employer that WASN’T an insurance or financial services company (i.e. exactly what I was doing before and will never consider again) that responded. I was given enough information at the interview to peak my interest, but not so much that I have a very clear idea of what everything is about. I did score a second interview though, so I assume I will find out more come Monday. I have an interview elsewhere on Tuesday as well, so although things may be exactly as they were yesterday, I have hope today 🙂

In other news, Tomis talked to our lawyer today. We are going in to sign some papers next week at some time. Our signatures on those papers should snowball us into a process that will get us where we have been waiting to be. Granted, there are many hoops to jump through, but with the end in sight Tomis and I are willing to jump until our little hearts burst.

Right now I am relaxing. I have decided that I like Tomis’ pants better than mine, so I am wearing them 🙂 They have much more room in them than my own, and they are warm! With an over-sized hoodie and men’s cargo pants, the only way to tell that I am in fact a girl is that my hair and make-up are done from my interview. OR, I just look like a transvestite 🙂 Either way I am very happy where I am. Tomis is taking Pookie to swimming and then picking up some videos from Blockbuster. Aside from the fact that he is coming home to a cross-dressed wife, we both will have a nice night to look forward to.

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One Response to Job Interview #1

  1. ornella says:

    Good luck today with interview !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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