Sorry for the delay

Well, job interview number 1 was followed by a follow-up interview, and I was offered a position on Monday.  I did an all day shadowing of an employee already working with the company.  It was a long LONG day.  I haven’t accepted the position as of yet… I asked them to give me time to consider the interview that I went to today (Interview 2).  The interview today went well also.  The position I interviewed for is not currently available, so there is a lot of “wait and see” going on.  I don’t want to get anybodies hopes up about me being a full-fledged member of the workforce yet… although I am lucky enough to seem as though I have options in an economy such as this, nothing is set in stone, and once again my options have a commission component.  Anyway, after today’s interview I was in good spirits, but I needed to discuss my options with Tomis.  We both agreed that the best decisions are made with the help of alcohol, and headed out to the only restaurant with a 3pm happy hour.  One margarita and a grande beer later, we are closer to an answer, but not quite there yet, haha.  Tomorrow will bring new light, as well as new things to consider. 

Other than that, we came home to good news; Zlatko is home from the hospital, and we both couldn’t be happier.  We were humoring little fantasies of just buying plane tickets and showing up at the hospital… to hell with immigration!  Aside from the fact that Tomis wouldn’t be able to get back in the U.S, it would be well worth the trip.     

Tomis saw a family of deer out on the street today as well.  He chased them into a neighbors lawn wearing sweatpants and a hoodie, but the sound of the camera turning on scared the deer.  Apparently they were not in a photogenic mood. 

We called our lawyer today as well.  I think we are getting used to the sound of her voicemail.  I think we are also getting used to the mild indifference she shows us when failing to respond to our messages. I guess we can just hope that everything is well with her and keep on calling… the less time this takes us, the less time we both have to feel like stir-crazed teenagers.

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2 Responses to Sorry for the delay

  1. ornella says:

    Mislim da bi tata dobio infarkt da vas ugleda u bolnici !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No,to bi nam svima jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaako uljepsalo zivot……….will be,some day……..

  2. ornella says:

    Mislila sam da vas ugledamo,to bi nam uljepsalo zivot,ne tatin infarkt,naravno…hihi…pusa

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