one week or one month, who knows

We finally met Lawyer numero uno tete a tete. She was not at all what I expected. The way she sounded on the phone you would expect a round woman with rosy cheeks. What we were met with was a very petite fairy-like woman wearing a green bowtie. She showed us the first stack of papers that need to be submitted. On Monday we will be meeting with her again to initial and sign all sorts of legal mumbo-jumbo, and then from as short as a week to a full month, we will be heading to court to get our marriage license. *sigh* Amazing how immigration can suck all the romance out of marriage. We probably won’t do anything special… wake-up, get hitched, have dinner, haha.

I have a very sleepy husband on my hands right now. As per usual, we stayed up late last night doing whatever it is we do, but Pookie needed to be at his swimming practice by 5:15 this morning. Tomis probably got about 2 hours of sleep in total. Apparently I snored like a train and didn’t help matters much. I think we take turns sleeping at night… whoever is snoring the loudest is the one that gets to sleep; that is survival of the fittest if I ever heard it 😉

Anyway, at the moment I am watching the clock for when I need to start cooking dinner. Everyone should be home by 7:45, and when they get here I will have garlic pork, salad, fried rice, and fresh bread all waiting on the table. Yum.

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