God loves Costco



I don’t know why people don’t go on dates to Costco. It is so much fun. You walk-in with your “membership card” (false sense of superiority), you walk around and dig the CK Jeans for less than $30, you make your way around the perimeter and taste all the yummy food samples intended to entice your wallet open, and then at the end you get 3 hot dogs, a smoothie, and three sodas for only $5.95!!!! Tomis and I will be getting our wedding cake from Costco, so that is why we stopped by today. I love Costco cake… if I had the choice of all the cake in the world, I would STILL want a Costco cake. It is making my mouth water even now… mmmmm.

Somebody made this cake prettier than costco usually makes it… but for $16 it feeds 48 people 🙂 I bet the all of 12 people there will appreciate the abundance of cake haha

Anyway, Costco came after we went to the mall. I have to admit that it isn’t as fun walking around the mall with an empty wallet, but at least it is exercise. We had fun either way. When we got back home I took a bit of a snooze and snored like a train. Now I am sitting here thinking about the tough time I will have getting to sleep tonight… but I supposed that is why god created “fiances” 🙂 Poor Tomis is going to have to entertain me as I make him talk to me until I doze off… poor man.

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