Tang and Coffee

A cafe breve and an alpine mocha are all it takes to take a mini-break for Tomis and I. Never will you find two people who enjoy their coffee more. To us, our coffee transports us to a la-la land where muscles relax and troubles are discussed, yet, the burden of them is lubricated away with the sweet euphoria of caffeine. The simple pleasures are the best kind.

It is too late for coffee now. It is nearly 11pm, and I don’t want to risk making eyes at the ceiling all night long. My lovely orange Tang is the prefect substitute. This family goes through a TON of it. There is always at least one half-full glass of orange liquid somewhere in the house. I was never a girl that consumed much liquid, so Tang is a godsend for me. We don’t even mess around with the little cylinders of the stuff… we go to Costco and get a jacuzzi full of it 🙂

Tomis and I are both sore at the moment. Our little foray into the wonderful world of athletics has left our muscles aching. I can barely laugh for fear my ribs will snap. All together, I think I swung my bat 50 times yesterday; Tomis’ count was at 75. For this little bit of exercise, we both feel like senior citizens.

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