Too old to strip

Ladies, get ready to want to slap my fiance… he made the ultimate mistake today.  We were talking about jobs, and I said that soon I will have to start stripping just to be employed.  You would not BELIEVE what my beloved Tomis said.  I quote, “Honey, it’s not like you are 21 years old anymore.”  He went on to say that they should seperate the strippers by age so at least the men aren’t disappointed; I could have killed the man.

Anyway.  Tomis got a whole lot of foot in his pretty little butt after he said that.  I would feel bad… but I don’t, haha.  Let his butt hurt.  He deserves it.

Just so everyone knows, I was only joking about stripping.  I would not only never do it, APPARENTLY at 25 years old I am too old to be considered sexy.  Tomis better sleep with one eye open tonight…

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One Response to Too old to strip

  1. ornella says:

    If you are ”old“ with 25,what I am with 39 for few days ?????????????????? I cant bealive !!!!!!!!! 39 ?????????????? So fast…….but,I feel like 25 !!!!!!!!!! The songs are beatiful….don’t be said because this world is not perfect…your love to my brother is perfect,and he really loves you…that s perfect…and your dad loves you,and that is perfect too…many reason for big smile…

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