deep-fried sausage

I cooked something that I’m pretty sure is a heart attack waiting to happen.  There was a bunch of polish sausage in the fridge that I needed to use it up.  I wanted to be creative with it so I harnessed my inner fast-food restaurant and battered and deep-fried the little suckers.  They didn’t tast bad at all, but my god, you could feel your arteries clogging.   We didn’t even want to feed it to Guinness for fear his little heart would stop. 

Other than that today was good.  Tomis and I went out to check a venue for our wedding.  The Reserve is a local golf course that the professionals play at when in Oregon.  It is a nice little spot, and we are considering it for a little reception after our wedding rather than just a big dinner.  We shall see 🙂  We have nothing set in stone yet… it will be at least a week before we have any idea what our ceremony will resemble.

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