Being a woman is hard work

For the past few nights I have been stationed in front of the bathroom mirror for at least an hour trying to figure out what to do with my hair for our big day.  I typically have beach girl hair… I hop out of the shower and I let god decide what it will look like, haha.  I know that isn’t wedding appropriate, so I have been flat-ironing, curling, hairspraying, bobby-pinning. *sigh* I am not a very good at been girlie, haha.  I have too much hair and not enough patience.  Last night I looked like King Kong after a brutal attack from Godzilla.  My dad, who loves his little girl no matter what she looks like, thinks I should just keep it as I always have it.  I love my dad 🙂  

So the decision that I finally came to is that I will have to go to a hairdresser.  I was trying to avoid getting coiffed, but since the guest list has popped up to 30 people, I feel like I had better walk into the room looking good 🙂  I know the blog hasn’t had pictures for awhile, so here is what my attempt tonight looked like…


Like I said, I get lazy 😛  I only fixed about half my head before my arms tired on me and I gave-up 🙂 Anyway… here is a picture of how Tomis decided he will wear his hair. It took him a long while to decided how to style it…


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