We are glad you are okay, Uncle Kecho and Aunt Slavica

We heard about your accident today, and we are both glad to hear that you are safe. I know you will be sore by the time you read this, but I hope that it is nothing an aspirin can’t take care of.

Thank you to Ornella for inquiring about my health as well… I am doing very well. It was nothing more than a brief stomach ache. Absolutely nothing to give a second thought too. Thank you for caring though 🙂

Tomis told his mom today that my dress is a size 0. Just so everyone knows, I just ate a burger and french fries after my dinner haha. I just hope to still fit in my dress… once I don’t have to fit in my dress anymore, well, burger heaven once more!! Tomis was watching his little piggy-wife in amazement. I know I have to watch it… this kind of lucky metabolism is fleeting I’m sure.

By the way… I was just telling Tomis about a dream I had last night. I dreamt I was flipping through photographs from a modeling shoot and Tomis told me the girl in them was Ornella. She had a Miami tan and rock hard abs. haha, Tomis told me to mention that in this post.

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One Response to We are glad you are okay, Uncle Kecho and Aunt Slavica

  1. ornella says:

    hihi…funny…your metabolisam is amazing…my is terrible…if I eat o litlle like you I looks like Miss Piggy !!!!!!!!!!!!

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