I’m Employed and We Got CAKE!!

Well, I am employed.  I don’t know what to say about the job… let’s say the economy gifted it to me in a way only this economy can.  It is commission only with no benefits.  I will work 9 hour days including Saturday and Sunday.  Monday and Tuesday I will have off.  Believe it or not, I feel grateful for it.  I actually think I will enjoy it, but I am realistic about the payout.  Unbelievably, it does not bother me that this is not the path that I saw myself on, but, how am I to know there isn’t a lesson on this unexpected road that is more important than what I thought I wanted? 

In other news, mom decided she wanted to have a real wedding cake (get ready to get a good dose of Mrs Held, haha).  She told me today she doesn’t want a cake from Costco, but a legitimate wedding cake.  Usually, these things are ordered weeks in advance.  Our wedding is on Saturday.  When Tomis and I walked into the Beaverton Bakery, the lady who helped us almost popped her eyes out of her head when we told her when we needed our cake.  She was INCREDIBLY nice, and committed to having our cake ready by 3:30 on Saturday regardless.  I have to hand it to mom though… despite the cake costing 4x’s what our initial cake would have, it was a lot of fun for Tomis and I to sit there and taste different cakes together.  What we picked will be REALLY tasty, and will almost feed everyone attending, haha.  I can’t wait 🙂 🙂 🙂

AND, dad hired a photographer.  The photographer, Richard, called me today to ask some questions about my preferences.  I can’t wait to post them on-line for everyone to see.  I just wish you were all here in person.  I promise we will be thinking about you all the whole time.

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3 Responses to I’m Employed and We Got CAKE!!

  1. ornella says:

    Great for your new job !!!!!!!!! Great news…now,for one day you will be Miss Papec,and you have a job…life become better and better…we are very happy because of you two…well,a litlle be said because you are in the other side of the world ,but in our minds tomorow will be all day long…with smile on our face and the biggest love in our heart…

  2. ornella says:

    March 21,2009
    We think on you two,and we love you,sooooooooooo much….we wish you a great day and a great life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Daniela says:

    Well, I just started to write you when I heard ” a-a” from our bedroom, of course it was Roko… So, let me continue: We wish you happiness and that every day will be like your wedding day (I hope everything went well).

    Mum-duty call… I have to change him and I hope it was No. 1

    We love a lot. Kisssssssss & Hugsssssss from all of us.

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